Project Description

Project Description

Working for Spillman Farmer Architects, Elliot led the design and managed this multi-faceted project.  The building houses Catasauqua’s fire, police, and municipal offices under one roof. This approach not only improves communication between departments, but streamlines energy usage, security, and public awareness of the Borough’s community services.  The building also houses a number of public gathering and rentable spaces that encourage social interaction, serving as a forum for community events and chance encounters. Sited on a former iron works property, the building is part of a 12.5 acre master plan brownfield development and houses a number of salvaged and repurposed items from the project site.  For more, visit Spillman Farmer’s website.

Project Details

Location: Catasauqua, PA

Size: 35,000 SF

Status: Completed 2017

Services: Design (with Spillman Farmer Architects)