and welcome!  For my first few readers, you’ve likely arrived here by invitation, so you already know at least a little bit about me.  Thanks for caring and supporting me in this new venture! For those of you scouring the internet and landing here by chance or mistake, don’t leave yet!  Let me give a quick intro. I’m Elliot, an architect and the owner of East Spruce design / build, but more importantly a husband, father, lover of nature, and I guess now, blogger.  I started the website and this blog to share my work and ideas with the world and hopefully inspire others to tackle that dream project or seek the help of a professional when the dream gets too big to manage alone.  I’m here to help!  Send me an email to say hi and tell me about your project.  As far as the blog, I will try to keep posts short, sweet, and interesting because I know your time is valuable (and frankly, you should be out there creating your own experiences)!  Topics will range from technical, nerdy architecture stuff to worm-composting to camper van travel anecdotes to DIY project videos. Anything I find interesting or valuable is fair play.

So why East Spruce??

After graduating from college and living with mom and dad for a few years, I bought my first property on East Spruce Street.  The building is a quaint brick carriage house with matching bay windows above six sets of wooden carriage doors. It was built in 1900 and renovated somewhere around the 50’s to house two (now run-down) apartments.  I saw through the layers of linoleum and patterned wallpaper to the potential that existed within. Some photos are featured on the Projects page of my website, but a blog post (or two, or three) about the process is in the works. The multi-year renovation and exploration that followed has taught me a lot about myself and what I want to do with my career.  Seven years later, I finally took the plunge and started East Spruce design / build. I’d be honored if you would Subscribe >> or follow me on social media to be a part of the journey ahead!  I’ll let my followers know whenever a new post pops up here.

Thanks and enjoy!!